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Global Search

Global Search

Global search is a powerful word-processing operation in OneHash that will help you in searching for a particular Document Type or Document.

For every sequence of a particular word or a set of characters, you will have a search result.

Global Search helps users find information quickly. It’s located in the upper right-hand corner in OneHash. Simply entering a few characters in the Search Bar will show results from several different record types (Contact, Customer, Issues, etc.) related to that keyword. You can also customize the fields based on which search will be shown.

You can also type in multiple keywords separated by & operator to find your desired results. You may refer to the following cases for examples:

Input "apple & iPod" can return documents with one field containing Apple and the other containing iPod( PO's vendor and item).
Input "iPhone & iPod" can return target documents that contain both iPhone and iPod (child table items).
Input "iPhone & black" can return the item with a description containing both iPhone and black(long text field).
Input 'foo & bar" can return any docs with both tags foo and bar assigned. (special long text field _usertags).

Enable Global Search for fields in a Doctype

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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