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Integration of MSG91 API with OneHash

How to integrate MSG91 API in OneHash?

1. Signup/Login

Signup or log in with OneHash and start integrating MSG91 API from scratch
2.SMS Gateway URL

Enter the SMS Gateway URL -
3.Message Parameter

Enter the message parameter as “message”
4.Mobile Parameter

Enter URL parameter for received number as “to”
5. Static URL Parameters

Enter Static URL Parameters values as:
• Sender - This is your Sender ID which users will receive. Please click here to know the regulations of specific countries on using Sender ID.

For Example enter OneHash
• Route - For sending promotional SMS enter the route value as “1” and for transactional SMS enter the route value as “4”.
• Country - Enter 91 for sending SMS in India, 1 for the USA, and 0 for international messages.
• Auth Key - Located on the MSG91’s Dashboard or Click on API located on the left side of the screen to get/generate your Authkey

6. Unicode, Flash, and Encrypted SMS

Click on the “Add Row” option to send Unicode, Flash, and Encrypted SMS, add these parameters in the code and pass their values as described below.

• Unicode - For messages other than English pass 1 else this will be 0. Also, it is recommended to encode the message content when sending Unicode messages
• Flash - For sending flash SMS enter the value as “1” else enter “0”
• Schedule SMS - To schedule your SMS. You can choose your own time format. Examples of recommended time formats Y-m-d h:i:s (2020-01-01 10:10:00) Or Y/m/d h:i:s (2020/01/01 10:10:00) Or you can use UNIX timestamp (1577873400)
• After minutes - You can use this if you want to send an SMS after a few minutes
• Response - By default you will get response in string format but you want to receive in other formats (JSON,XML) then set this parameter, for example: &response=json or &response=xml.
• Campaign - A campaign name is a Tag given to the messages you sent, for easy management of the reports. You can create a campaign name as per your choice.

7. Save

Save the file and you are good to go

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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