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Search Filter

Search Filter

Search Filter is an option that permits you to filter the records based on a particular value of a specific field in a Document.

Search Filters are available on the ListView and the Report Builder of a Document Type.

Each filter option has three fields.


Select the field of the document based on which you wish to filter the records. All the fields in a form will be selectable in this list.

Based On

For the field, you will be required to put a value on the field. In the 'based on field, you can define criteria based on which the system will search the document.


Here, you will be required to enter the value for which you are running the document search.

So, on a whole, an algorithm or an equation for searching the documents will be created which will allow you to fetch your desired set of documents.

You can also apply multiple filters at a time. To remove a specific filter, just click on the 'x' sign.

Default Filters

There are some filters present out of the box for the views which can be used for filtering the search results. The default filters for any Document Type can be set from Customize Form option.

Updated on: 26/03/2023

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